Magic Puzzle 3D 1.1

Magic Puzzle 3D 1.1



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Date Added:02 May, 2014

Author: Amnon Graitzer

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Magic Puzzle 3D is about discovering shapes and characters by using a unique colorful three dimensional puzzle interface. This one of a kind puzzle application puts together 2D objects on a 3D rotating cube puzzle.

6 content worlds 24 puzzles six 3D rotating cubes

Animals Street Games - Transportation Toys Candy‚ĄĘs Jungle Animals

Thanks to our six 3D rotating cubes Magic Puzzle 3D integrates fun while improving visual cognitive skills. Each puzzle set is a picture taken from your child's content world and is composed from 6 pieces rich in color, texture and meaning. By rotating the 3D cubes the whole picture is gradually revealed.

The puzzle interaction enhances the child's ability for abstract thinking and develops their ability to see whole-part relationships.

Problem-solving Skills

The experience with Magic puzzle 3D improves the children's problem-solving skills by teaching them to set goals and slowly but sourly move forward in their task until they reach a successful completion.

Boosting up confidence

Toddlers and adults love to solve puzzles. Puzzles are fun, challenging and intriguing. The goal is clear and once the puzzle is solved the child can feel a sense of accomplishment which boosts his independence and self-esteem.

Cognitive Skills

By using real life pictures from the child's own content world and putting it on a 3D interface we develop important cognitive skills such as: visual spatial awareness, whole-part relationships, Inclusion and retention, adaptable and abstract thinking

Hand/Eye Coordination

Children learn to use their eyes to recognize an object, and use their hands and fingers to rotate it, coordinating those two skills together until reaching a coherent movement.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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